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Sexual Tantric Massage London

This tantric massage technique includes physical pleasure and considers sex as a moral force. London Tantric Massage Sex is good because it is what people who love each other naturally do. It is normal and healthy human behavior.
Consensual tantric massage between adults is a primary expression of love. Among our most basic biological needs, sex is essential for reproduction and the survival of the race. Beyond this, it is also a primary way to fulfill healthy human desires for physical touching, deep pleasure, and emotional intimacy.

Tantric Massage London
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Sexual tantric massage energy and spiritual energy are the same energy. Both energies are examples of life-force energy. There are no words for this energy in the English language, but in East Indian culture, its equivalent is prana in Chinese culture chi. As the sexual tantric massage energy charge builds during lovemaking, we increase our access to this basic life force. Tantric massage London offers a way to cultivate and use life force energy for other purposes: giving and receiving tantric pleasure, physical and emotional healing, creating love, and excelling in other areas of human endeavor such as science, business, the arts, and sports.

Tantric Massage Sexuality is a legitimate spiritual path.

Tantra is a form of yoga. Yoga means union. Tantric massage includes the union of sexuality and spirituality. Sex and spirit are not two separate aspects of our selves.
On the contrary, spiritual lovemaking is one of the simplest ways for ordinary people to experience mystical connection union with themselves, their partners, and the Divine. The arbitrary separation of body, mind, and spirit in most cultures is an intellectual, psychological, and emotional tragedy of incalculable proportions.
This error of judgment has been the cause of great suffering for countless generations of people. It is now time for sexual healing
that can only be possible by reuniting sexuality and spirituality.