The Temperate Climates

The Temperate Climates

Temperate climates are found 50 to 60 degrees north and south of equator. They are of basically two varieties, namely, the continental type and the maritime type.

The Continental Type

The stations located in this type of temperate zone are located quite far-off from any water body like sea or ocean. Therefore, the moderating effect of the sea does not reach them. As a result, the summers are quite warm with a summer rain maxima and winters are quite cold. Such type of climate is known as continental. In Europe, Moscow is perhaps the best example of temperate continental climate. At Moscow, summers can be quite warm and the hottest month is usually above 70 F. This is quite high for its latitude of about 52 N. This is because of the fact that the Great Eurasian landmass, in which Moscow is located, gets quite warm in summer.

In winter quite the opposite hold true and the nighttime low can dip as low as 0 F. This is again due to the continental effect and the remoteness of the location from the sea. The precipitation is received mostly in the summer although Moscow gets moderate rainfall in almost every month of the year.

In the southern hemisphere, due to absence of any big land mass, the continental type is not manifested properly at any particular location.

The Maritime Climate

The best example is London. As opposed to Moscow, it neither gets so warm in summer nor so cold in winter; thanks to the nearness to the Atlantic Ocean and the moderating influence of the North Atlantic Drift. London get precipitation in every month but the winter precipitation is more pronounced than that of the summer one.

As for the temperatures, they are quite moderate for its latitude of 51 N. The mean of the hottest month is 60 F while even during the height of winter, it is rare for the temperatures to fall below 30 F.

In southern Hemisphere, Auckland, in New Zealand has a similar climate. Tasmania in Australia is also an example of maritime temperate climate. In both these areas the summers as well as the winters are mild due to the moderating influence of the ocean.

In short, the temperate climates have two broad categories, namely the continental and the maritime. The former has maximum precipitation is summer while the latter has more precipitation is winter.


Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich

Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich

Although young people may find this hard to believe, but people in America did not always know about Eastern philosophies and practices. Yoga has been known in the West for many years, but only to a select few.

It wasn’t until The Beatles took up meditation and flew to India to study under the Mararesh Mahesh Yogi that people in general started waking up.

When I bought the paperback edition of this book, yoga was still a weirdo subject, and I didn’t talk about it with my friends. But I enjoy reading about strange subjects, and I’d finished reading the ESP/Occult books in my small town public library, and worked my way down to the books on non-Christian religions.

The author opens with his personal story. As a boy he was weak and sickly, catching many diseases. He apparently survived only because his father was a doctor. At age 15 he learned about Hatha Yoga and studied under a master.

Within a few months he developed his body into one strong, flexible and muscular. He no longer suffered from disease. He left India and founded a famous yoga school in Switzerland. This book is part of his efforts to bring the teachings of yoga to the West.

He introduces Hatha yoga as a discipline to create health by bringing greater consciousness to our bodies.

The ancient yogis did not intend it to be practiced for its own sake. They just knew that sick and weak people could not focus their minds on higher spiritual disciplines, so it was first necessary to bring them good health. Remember that people in India would have suffered from food shortages, poor housing and infectious diseases even to a greater extent than they do now. For one thing, smallpox was not wiped out until about 1978, so countless people died of it.

However, those of us who are not seeking a higher spiritual consciousness can also use Hatha yoga to gain greater health, and this book is a terrific introduction. It’s what I used for years, as a little kid doing the Plough and Headstand in my bedroom.

The chapter “Every Disease Has Mental Causes” was far ahead of its time, and yet scientific advances have just confirmed its thesis that the body is weakened by negative thinking.

Women no longer wear tight girdles, but all of us need the chapters reminding us to breath deeply for our best health.

He described the asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) in a way easier enough for twelve year old to follow. I know, because I was twelve when I first read them.

And there’re many photographs to illustrate how the positions look when done correctly.

At the end, he gives a 21 week schedule to follow.

One chapter is devoted to slow motion exercises done in front of a mirror to help you visualize your growing muscles. While going through the motions, you tense your muscles as hard as you can.

Although I never practiced this very much, some fitness gurus swear by it, such as John E. Peterson.

In summary, this book is still a terrific introduction to yoga. It’s probably better to attend a class taught by a good teacher, but if you have no classes in your area or no time or money for them, you can’t go wrong with Yoga and Health.


Who ARE the men and women risking it all for extra-marital fun?

As hackers threaten to reveal customer data from adultery website Ashley Madison, many users are racing to delete their accounts.

But for many of the married men and women signed up to the controversial site – which boasts one million users in the UK alone – it is business as usual, with their online profiles still intact.

FEMAIL registered its own account to see just what kind of man is willing to risk everything for an extra-marital affair – and why.

Browsing the list of ‘available’ men, it is perhaps surprising to see how many of the profile pictures are unedited close-ups.

Scroll down for video

The adultery site Ashley Madison is for men and women who are looking for an extra-marital affair without their partners’ knowledge

After all, as users are informed when you register your details, you are far more likely to elicit a response if you post a picture of yourself. And the more candid the better.

The men stare brazenly into the camera, seemingly unconcerned that someone might recognise them and inform their other halves.

Others photographs are fuzzy and out of focus, or teasingly zoomed in on one feature – a pouty mouth or a hint of chiselled jaw. Meanwhile a few are wearing masks, either real of animated, like those found at a masquerade ball.

The profiles themselves are equally revealing. A 38-year-old attached man from London sets his limits as: Whatever Excites Me.

Detailing what he is looking for, he includes: submission, blindfolding, Tantric Sex, role-playing, threesomes and erotic movies.



Ashley Madison hackers have done us all a favour! One…

Hackers blackmail millions of cheating spouses by…

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The Pisces man pleads for someone who is ‘good with your hands, open to experimentation’, and ‘likes to give oral sex’.

He says: ‘You only live once make the most out of it. Some love me, some hate me, but no one knows who I truly am.

‘That’s because I like to be a bit of mystery. Why don’t you come try solve this mystery? I promise you there’s a pretty sweet reward for doing so.’

He seems to acknowledge the moral debate surrounding the site, which promotes infidelity, when he says: ‘This may seem odd on site like this but I’m a very caring guy. Your pleasure is just important as mine.’

The discreet site – which has one million users in the UK – is now facing a security breach from hackers

He continued by promising he would never leave a girl ‘unsatisfied’ and would make sure she gets what she deserves.

Under the category ‘what really turns me on’, he asks for a ‘disease free’ woman with a high sex drive and a secret love nest – who also has a ‘good sense of humour’.

Meanwhile a 40-year-old Indian man from London is looking for ‘someone I can teach’, who likes experimenting with sex toys and ‘bubble bath for 2’.

The 6ft 4ins attached male adds: ‘I’m a super nice, gentle guy with a relaxed style but looking for someone special to enjoy intimate time with…’

Another attached user, a 27-year-old music lover from London, openly admits he is not fulfilled in his current relationship.

He says: ‘Current relationship lacks that spark – looking for a discreet fantasy…’

The ‘muscular’ man, who speaks three languages, lists many encounters he is open too, including dressing up; lingerie, sharing fantasies, spanking and sex talk.

His preferences include a professional woman who is ‘well-groomed’, has ‘natural breasts’ and ‘good personal hygiene’.

He adds: ‘Seeking the girl next door type – who’s a freak in the sheets. Wicked desires only need apply.

‘A bad bad dirty talkin’ lady who can hold a conversation, who’s not afraid of making herself the subject of a joke.’

He also asks for someone who is ‘down for anything’ –  a ‘coffee’ or late-night meets’ and reiterates that ‘discretion is a must!’.

Additionally a 42-year-old ‘fit’ male from Surrey sets his limits at ‘anything goes’ and states that he is into exhibitionism and ‘likes to be watched’.

The 6ft Sagittarius says: ‘Just looking for some discreet and intimate fun to spice this life up. No hassles, just pleasure.’

In their profiles, many users detail what they are looking for in an affair and their sexual fantasies

Under the category, what I am looking for, he continues: ‘Daring Rendezvous. A like-minded soul. Dirty and intelligent mind in a clean and needy body :-).’

A 39-year-old African American is also reasonably upfront about the difficulties he faces in his marriage.

He says: ‘I am a busy professional working long hours and hardly get time to connect with my equally busy spouse.

The Aries, who is ‘undecided about his limits’, even offers a financial reward as an incentive, adding: ‘I am looking for someone who is willing to offer good companionship for 2 hours a week in return for a financial gift. The ideal lady will be attractive and with a place not too far from central London. Is that too much to ask? :-)’

A 46-year-old man who works in media in London describes himself as ‘sexually dominant’ and promises to ‘take control with the right woman. But of course only in a safe, sane and consensual way’.

He sells himself as having ‘a dry sense of humour’ and the ability to ‘converse intelligently and playfull’,.

Despite having a ‘strong sex drive’, he adds: ‘That’s not the only thing on my (broad) mind.’

He says: ‘I am like all the best things – addictive and bad for you. I know what I want and usually get it, but I love the challenge of achieving my desires and testing my limits.

Signing off, the ‘creative and imaginative alpha male’, asks interested parties to drop him a line and ‘let’s see if we click’.

Ashley Madison, founded in 2001, also includes profiles of single men, who are presumably looking for some no-strings fun without the worry of commitment.

Many attached and unattached women have also created a profile in the hunt for some illicit excitement.

Noel Biderman (pictured) is the CEO of Avid Life Media, who owns the site geared toward married individuals looking for an affair

A ‘curvy’ 33-year-old woman from London has posted the welcome message: ‘Can we skip to the good bit..?’

The attached female is looking for a guy who is ‘smart, charming, hilarious and doesn’t take things too seriously’.

She says: ‘I won’t waste your time. So please don’t waste mine. I have a high pressure job and my down time is important to me.’ 

Describing herself as ‘an independent, sharp, feminine, down to earth yet sassy woman’, she continues: ‘Assertiveness and an open mind is a must. Taller than me and you should know what moisturiser is! I am not looking for a push over, nor interested in spanking you…’

Meanwhile a  38-year-old from Brentwood, Essex admits the spark has gone out of her marriage.

She says: ‘I’m married and happy but the passion has long gone. We are now just friends.’

The wife, who describes herself as ‘shapely toned’, says she likes good conversation, meals out and champagne. 

She is looking for someone within a 20-mile radius with free time ‘for exciting mutually exhilarating encounters!’

She adds that she would like ‘exciting romance, passion,’flirtation and The REST’.

A 45-year-old attached woman from Edgware, Hertfordshire has set her welcome message to read: ‘
Oh well, what is there to lose.’

The 5ft 4ins attached female is looking for a ‘tall, dark and handsome’ ‘Don Juan’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’ to enjoy ‘candle lit dinners’ and ‘long drives’ with.

She says she is hoping to find that ‘something important missing’. 

A upfront advertisement for Ashley Madison, which was founded in 2001, with the slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’

While a 40-year-old Scorpio from London specifies she would like to meet one man for an affair.

She writes: ‘I need both a mental and physical connection. Brains and stimulating conversation are as important as chemistry as I would prefer a longer term affair – with someone like-minded.’

The size 6-8 blonde says she doesn’t want men to buy her underwear (‘I can buy my own’) and  adds: ‘All your own hair please if that doesn’t sound too superficial.’

She continues: ‘If you are not tall or dark or any of the above please don’t waste my time or your money by sending me your photos or messages. I am looking for men who are 38 – 52 in age, no kids thanks, I am not Mrs Robinson.’

A single Australian woman, aged 30, and living in London, says she is open to ‘sensual massage’ and spanking’.

She continues: ‘Looking to meet interesting guys without drama or complication. I just want to enjoy life and have some fun without the need of attachment. I’m easy going and very discreet.’

Joining the site is free for women and men, although a 99p charge per day will bump you up to the top of the search results. It has numerous options for members to send custom mail messages, initiate chat sessions, send priority messages and virtual gifts.

Those who are often on the road are also encouraged to join with the ?Travelling Man? and ?Travelling woman? option for those who want to browse while on the go.

The site even includes a panic setting that allows users to immediately flick to a neutral site – a potentially useful feature if a user’s spouse or partner suddenly walks into the room.

The sleek-looking site, which claims to have 37 million users in 50 countries, is known for its advertising slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’.

It allows married people interested in having an affair to access the profiles of other members who specify what they?re looking for, such as, ?cyber affair/erotic chat, whatever excites me, anything goes or undecided.? 

But now the secrets the business relies on – the names and contact details of clients who have used the site to arrange affairs they thought would be hidden forever, and even nude photos – could be made public.

The team of hackers – which calls itself the Impact Team – claims it has stolen the real names and addresses of many of its members, even those who have already left and asked for their accounts to be deleted.

The group, which says it is morally motivated, is threatening to publish the details unless the site is closed down by owner Canada-based Avid Life Media.

The site’s reliance on secrecy is what has made the hack so potentially damaging. 

Record 71 prisoners freed by mistake as violence in jails hits new high

Dozens of prisoners have been released by mistake as violence in jails surged to a new high, official figures reveal.

Seventy-one convicted criminals or suspects were erroneously freed in 2016/17 ? a rise of seven on the previous year and the highest number since current records started a decade ago.

It means inmates were let out due to blunders at a rate of more than one a week.

(PA graphics)

A raft of statistics released on Thursday by the Ministry of Justice also revealed another jump in assaults across the prisons estate in England and Wales.

There were 26,643 assaults in the year to March, including a record 7,159 attacks on staff ? equivalent to nearly 20 every day.

The disclosure on mistaken releases sparked criticism from campaigners and politicians. A prisoner is officially classed as having been freed in error if they are wrongly discharged from an establishment or court when they should have remained in custody.

Fifty-eight of the erroneous releases occurred from prison establishments, while 13 happened during escort or at courts.


Prisoners released in error are not considered to be unlawfully at large, according to an MoJ report setting out the figures.

It says: ?They are not culpable and may be unaware that they have not completed their sentence or have outstanding warrants. Depending on the circumstances of the case, they may not be actively pursued for return to custody.?

Examples of mistakes behind erroneous releases include misplaced warrants for imprisonment or remand, recall notices not being acted on, sentence miscalculations or discharging the wrong person on escort.

(PA Graphics)

Liberal Democrat chief whip Alistair Carmichael said: ?It is beyond belief that 71 potentially dangerous prisoners have been released by mistake.?

Rachel Almeida, of the charity Victim Support, said: ?Many victims will be shocked by these figures, especially if it involves perpetrators of serious crimes.?

The MoJ said releases in error are extremely rare but it takes cases very seriously, working with police to recapture offenders.

Our comment on today’s safety in custody statistics

— Prison Reform Trust (@PRTuk) July 27, 2017

In findings that will prompt fresh scrutiny of the state of jails in England and Wales, it was also revealed that:

:: There were 15 escapes from jails or prisoner escorts in 2016/17;

:: Self-harm in jails reached a record high of 40,414 incidents in the 12 months to March 2017, up 5,749 (17%) from the previous year;

:: Serious assaults on staff have trebled since 2013, reaching 805 in 2016/17;

:: Assaults in female prisons reached 1,023, the highest level for at least nine years;

:: The performance of 10 jails was rated as being of ?serious concern?.

You can download the full report at

— Prison Reform Trust (@PRTuk) July 27, 2017

Ministers have launched a recruitment drive to add 2,500 frontline officers and put in place new measures to tackle the availability of mobile phones and drugs in jails.

Justice Secretary David Lidington said improving safety and security in prisons was his top priority.

He said: ?These figures reinforce how crucial it is that we make progress as quickly as possible.?

?I have seen first-hand the challenges our dedicated and hardworking prison staff face.

?Boosting the frontline is critical to achieving safety and the number of prison officers we are recruiting is rising, with the number of new prison officers joining the service at its highest level since 2010.?

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‘His eyes tell me everything he wants me to do’: Escort who visits 93-year-old dementia patient for sex says they mostly communicate through ‘touch’

Every month Roger, a 93-year-old man with dementia, receives a special visitor at his nursing home. 

Her name is Emma, and she happens to be a sex worker. 

Their relationship is no secret to the staff or Roger’s children. In fact, they helped introduce them.

‘They roll out the red carpet for me, because they know the profound nature of this service and what it really means for this client,’ Emma told Morning Bulletin. 

An sex worker named Emma has revealed that she visits Roger, a 93-year-old man with dementia, to provide him with intimacy and friendship (file photo) 

Emma said she has become ‘very close’ to Roger over the past year, learning not only about his most intimate desires but also about his past.

‘We look at pictures – not sex pictures – of things he used to be interested in and we’ll have a tipple of his favourite drink,’ she told the Morning Bulletin.



‘What women do or don’t do with their bodies is up to them!’…

From ‘$50k-a-night’ sex worker to YouTube sensation: Meet…

Meet the Australian ‘cam-girl’, 23, who earns a six-figure…

The sex workers of Storyville: Intimate portraits show…

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But most of Emma and Roger’s communication is done through mutual touch.  

‘It’s about friendship, social interaction, emotional outlets – but most importantly, it’s about sex,’ she said. 

‘I look at his beautiful blue sparkly eyes and they pretty much tell me everything that he wants me to do.’ 

Emma said she has become ‘very close’ to Roger over the past year, learning not only about his most intimate desires but also about his past life (file photo) 

Emma has been in the sex industry for more than 30 years and seen a number of patients who have disabilities.

And now in Australia there is an entire charity dedicated to linking sex workers to people with dementia. 

Dementia has been known to affect sexual desire in patients, causing some to lose their sex drives while others may experience a major spike.

The latter may no longer understand ‘what to do with sexual desire or when or where to appropriately exercise the desire,’ according to Alzheimer’s Australia. 

It can be especially difficult if that person has a partner, who may find that they have ‘unreasonable and exhausting demands’ when it comes to sex.

Roger’s children and nursing home both know about Emma and support her visits with Roger at the home (file photo) 

That’s where Touching Base, an unfunded Australian volunteer-based group that helps people with disabilities safely connect with sex workers, comes in.

It is often a child or partner of the patient who makes contact with Touching Base. 

President Saul Isbister said these carers must fill out lengthy special referral forms detailing the patient’s sexual needs. 

The charity and its sex workers also make sure that the patient’s consent is validated both before and during the appointment, Isbister told the Morning Bulletin. 

Touching Base has been working to help society recognise that people with disabilities still have sexual needs.

They continue to provide a referral list of disability-friendly sex workers and accessible brothers in Australia. 

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‘Off, off, off!’: Villagers order travellers off their sports field in extraordinary stand off as police threaten protesters with dogs

This is the dramatic moment that hundreds of furious locals confronted travellers who had pitched up in a community park.

Police are shown forming a barrier between the two sides as residents chant ‘off, off, off’ at the travellers, who had set up their mobile homes on a recreation ground.

A mass protest was organised after the caravans arrived at the field, having been forced off another park about two miles away in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Some members of the 200-strong group of protesters – which includes several children – were seen arguing with police as officers try to diffuse the situation.

In one heated exchange, a man can be heard saying: ‘How can you use dogs against a people’s protest?’

Avon & Somerset Police were forced to escort the travellers off the site by convoy, after issuing a dispersal order which allows them to stop people from protesting

Hundreds of furious locals confronted travellers (pictured) who had pitched up in a community park

A police officer is then heard to reply: ‘If you do not leave the field you will be arrested.’

No-one was injured in the clash, but protesters were horrified to be told police dogs could be set on them if they did not abide by the disposal order.

One man says: ‘General members of the public are being kicked off a public field and being threatened with dogs if they don’t go, so gypsies can stay on the field.

‘The public have to leave or the dogs will be set upon us, or we will be bitten by the dogs.’



Rush hour chaos and cancellations for commuters as train…

Dramatic dashcam footage catches bungling moped riders…

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A police officer told him: ‘Not bitten but they will be used to get them out.’

The man added: ‘Surely it would be easier to get rid of 20 of them than 400 of us.’

Avon & Somerset Police were forced to escort the travellers off the site by convoy, after issuing a dispersal order which allows them to stop people from protesting.

Roadblocks were put in place in the streets neighbouring Baytree Recreation Ground as tensions grew during the evening.

Protesters were horrified to be told police dogs (shown right) could be set on them if they did not abide by the disposal order

Tony Hopton, who organized a peaceful protest, stands next to a mobile home which was left behind by the group of travellers

A mass protest was organised after the caravans arrived at the field, having been forced off another park about two miles away in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

The grounds are regularly used by the Weston Crusaders Junior Football Club and other sports teams.

The same group of travellers had been ordered to leave nearby Clarence Park on Wednesday, but instead of leaving the town they moved into another park.

North Somerset Council was due in court this week to apply for an eviction order following repeat offences by the same group of travellers.

Andrew Blackmore, vice-chairman of the Weston Crusaders, told the Bristol Post that more than £3,000 worth of damage had been caused by the travellers.

He said that handbrake turns had ripped up the pitch, while a bonfire had scorched the earth, leaving one football pitch ‘unplayable’.

Families arrived at Baytree Recreational Ground in Weston-super-Mare to protest after a group of around 20 travellers pitched up at the site 

The same group of travellers had been ordered to leave nearby Clarence Park on Wednesday, but instead of leaving the town they moved into the recreation ground

Mr Blackmore told the newspaper: ‘We are coming up to the start of the season and the damage is mostly down to the stupidity of those driving transit vans and creating ?doughnuts? around the football pitch.

‘Because most of them are in the middle of the field, all the pitches are now unplayable.

The entire Baytree Rec is completely ruined. We are assessing the damage at the moment, but we?ve been given an estimate of about £3,000 worth of damage.’

A spokeswoman for Avon & Somerset Police said the travellers were escorted out of the town late last night and that no arrests were made during either incident.

She added: ‘A protest against a traveller encampment on the recreation ground attracted more than 200 people on Sunday, August 20. 

This was the moment travellers and townspeople clashed in a sports ground as police with dogs patrolled the tense protest

A damaged caravan left by travellers who were escorted off Baytree Recreational Ground late last night

‘Police closed Milton Road and Baytree Road just after 8pm due to the number of people and vehicles at the protest.

‘It’s understood North Somerset Council has already served notice on the travellers to leave the site and that the council is due in court this week to seek an eviction order.

‘A number of officers, including police dog units, are at the scene in order to prevent a breach of the peace.

‘Despite the numbers the protest has remained peaceful and the protesters are now beginning to leave.

‘A dispersal notice has been put in place giving officers powers to direct any further protesters to leave the area and not return.’

The scene today after travellers and their mobile homes were escorted off Baytree Recreational ground by police after locals residents organized a protest

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Ex-Coldstone Creamery executive, 55, dies in police custody after ‘drug-fueled stun gun attack’ on his elderly parents that left them both bloodied and hospitalized

A former Cold Stone Creamery and Massage Envy executive died after a ‘drug fueled attack’ where he beat and used a stun gun on his elderly parents at their home.

Lee Knowlton, 55, stopped breathing after officers took him into custody when his mother accused him of a brutal assault on Monday night in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The former executive for Cold Stone Creamery had allegedly entered Chuck and Joye Knowltons’ senior living community home and attacked them, using a stun gun and beating them until they bled.

Authorities said Knowlton had drug paraphernalia on him when he was arrested. 

The Massage Envy businessman had suffered a cardiac arrest while in custody and died just after midnight on Tuesday.

Lee Knowlton, 55, (left) died on Tuesday morning after he was arrested on Monday night for allegedly beating his parents (right) until they bled at their home in Scottsdale, Arizona

The former executive for Cold Stone Creamery and Massage Envy allegedly entered Chuck (left) and Joye Knowltons’ senior living community home and attacked them, using a stun gun

Local police were called to the scene at Andara Senior Living community around 7pm after Joye Knowlton reported a domestic violence dispute.

Police said they found Joye waiting outside, visibly beaten. Police then entered the apartment to find Knowlton and his father on the ground covered in blood.

The couple, who are in their 80s, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and are reported to be in stable condition. 

Knowlton was arrested but police claim he stopped breathing when they put handcuffs on him, so he was transported to a nearby hospital, where he later died. 

Scottsdale Police Sergeant Ben Hoster said in a press conference: ‘During the handcuffing, he stopped breathing and went into full code.’

Knowlton’s official cause of death will be released by the County Medical Examiner’s Office. 

Authorities said Knowlton, who allegedly had drug paraphernalia on him, had suffered a cardiac arrest while in custody and died just after midnight on Tuesday

Local police were called to the scene at Andara Senior Living community (pictured). His parents were taken to a nearby hospital and are in stable condition

Before the shocking incident, Knowlton’s Facebook page was frequently updated with posts of his father, celebrating Father’s Day and for no particular occasion.

In June, he wrote: ‘Happy Fathers Day Dad! You are an incredible role model for me and I appreciate how you have always been there for me.’ 

Another photo caption read: ‘In honor of my Dad on Memorial Day, served in Korea, so proud of him.’ 



White female police officer who resigned after being…

Horrifying injuries of girl, 11, who had boiling water…

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The businessman was most recently the senior vice president of global sales and international at Massage Envy; prior to that he was the CEO of Fun Brands, Fun Brands Carousels, Pump It Up and BounceU, reported Biz Journals. 

He also worked as an executive at Cold Stone Creamery, Kahala Corp., Planet Hollywood and TGI Fridays in Korea.

Massage Envy released a statement that said: ‘We are shaken and profoundly saddened by this loss. Our deepest sympathies go out to Lee?s family.’ 

The businessman was most recently the senior vice president of global sales and international at Massage Envy. He also worked as an executive at Cold Stone Creamery 


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Judge rejects Australian woman’s drug plea deal in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – A judge in Colombia rejected a plea deal offered to an Australian woman charged with drug trafficking Wednesday, calling into question the prosecution’s effort to establish her guilt.

Cassandra Sainsbury’s lawyer and prosecutors had reached an agreement that would have allowed the 22-year-old to leave prison after serving six years and paying a fine.

But a magistrate in Bogota refused to accept the agreement, asking why prosecutors did not examine her phone and email records after Sainsbury said she’d acted under threat.

A police officer escorts Australian Cassandra Sainsbury to a court hearing in Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. The 22-year-old was detained April 12 at Bogota’s international airport when caught trying to smuggle about 6 kilos of cocaine inside packages of headphones. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

“She maintains she did this against her will,” her attorney, Herran Vargas, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “If there are threats, there can’t be a plea deal.”

Prosecutors declined to appeal the judge’s decision.

“Tomorrow, she will submit the indictment against you with evidentiary elements that she has in order to begin a trial against you,” a court office translating proceedings to Sainsbury said.

Sainsbury, accompanied in court by her family, nodded her head calmly in response before being led out of court by a heavy contingent of police officers and a bevy of journalists.

Sainsbury’s arrest in April captivated attention in Australia and shone a light on foreign drug mules in Colombia, the world’s largest cocaine producer. As tourism to Colombia has boomed, the country’s drug cartels have increasingly begun recruiting foreigners to smuggle cocaine out of the South American country.

If found guilty, Sainsbury faces up to 21 years in jail.

Her family has maintained in the past that Sainsbury was set up, and no details have been provided on what sort of threats she may have been facing or who exactly made them.

Authorities in Colombia contend she tried to board a flight at Bogota’s international airport with almost 6 kilograms of cocaine. Investigators say an X-ray machine detected the cocaine hidden in 18 different packages stashed in her luggage.

The 22-year-old was preparing to board a flight to London on her way back to Australia when she was stopped.

Her family mounted a campaign online to hire an attorney and has been present at all of her court proceedings. She is being held at a woman’s penitentiary located not far from the airport.

Colombia’s police force is among the best-trained to detect and stop drug smuggling thanks in part to billions of dollars in U.S. anti-narcotics aid that has strengthened law enforcement.

Australian Cassandra Sainsbury attends a court hearing in Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. The 22-year-old was detained April 12 at Bogota’s international airport when caught trying to smuggle about 6 kilos of cocaine inside packages of headphones. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

Australian Cassandra Sainsbury attends a court hearing in Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. The 22-year-old was detained April 12 at Bogota’s international airport when caught trying to smuggle about 6 kilos of cocaine inside packages of headphones. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

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