Best Erotic Story in London Happiness

Best Erotic Story Happiness in Central London

Best Erotic Story in central London
Best Erotic Story in London

Where do I start. The girl began with a lovely erotic massage London. She then proceeded to take her bra off showing me her breasts for the first time. Her nipples are gorgeous and being able to take them in my mouth, flicking them with my tongue, seeing how hard and erect they became was a turn on in itself.

She then proceeded to slip her hand into my pants and grasped my cock. Pants removed she then used her tongue delicately teasing my balls. A condom was put into her mouth which she then put over my cock taking it all down her throat as she rolled the condom on. A sweet deep throat blow job followed with her taking it all with no gagging.

She then rubbed the tip of my hard cock over her erect nipples before climbing on to top of my and sliding me in for the first time, thought I’d died and gone to heaven – would have loved to have tasted her sweet pussy juice as I bet it tastes heavenly. The sight of her riding my cock in cowgirl with her breasts in front of my face and then licking and kissing her nipples as she moved up and down almost had me coming on it’s own. She then moved to squat over me and seeing my cock moving in and out of her sweet hot pussy and I couldn’t contain myself any further. I exploded deep inside her moist dripping pussy to the sound of her sweet posh voice telling me how much she wanted it.

After a little break we then progressed to round 2 which included a sensual massage and more of the same. The escort voice telling me what she was going to do to me soon had me hard gain. This also included her wanking my cock with her long fingers as she teased and played with my balls with her tongue. This was followed by more incredible deep thronging and her on top riding my cock. Next time I want those long legs wrapped round my waist as I fuck her in missionary or perhaps up over my shoulders so I can enter her even deeper.

We finished off with her giving me a show which involved her playing with herself first by teasing her clit and then easing her fingers into her pussy. She was breathlessly telling me how wet she was as more and more of her fingers were pushed deeper inside. Her fingers went faster and faster until she shuddered to climax.

I took full advantage of the shower facilities on offer before heading back out into the afternoon with a huge smile on my face and a warm feeling in groin area

At no time did I feel rushed and girl is certainly not a clock watcher. This is my best erotic massage story and best experience that will stay in my memory for some time and one I’m keen to repeat when the opportunity arises.