‘A n*****’s calling me ignorant?’ Racist woman launches tirades against Mexican and black shoppers… telling a Latina woman to ‘go back where she came from’Do you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline?Do you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline?

The moment an elderly white woman went on a tirade against black and Latina shoppers at Walmart has been captured on camera.

Eva Hicks, who appears to live in Pennsylvania and identified herself as Mexican on social media, stopped to do her grocery shopping on Monday night after a long day at work.

However, while trying to reach an item in the pharmacy aisle, she confronted an angry, abusive elderly woman.

‘Go back to Mexico,’ the white woman is heard saying at the start of the video.

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A woman shopping at a Walmart – believed to be in Pennsylvania – has been filmed going on a racist rant

‘Listen, I said excuse me, don’t be rude,’ Hicks replied, before the woman starts up her abuse again.

‘Go back, wherever you’re from. You’re the one that’s rude.

‘You’re in America, you are in America.’

A third woman, who is off-screen, is then heard saying: ‘Are you serious right now?’



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Eva Hicks (left and right) was a victim of the abuse after she stopped in at a Walmart on the way home from work on Monday

The angry white shopper quickly switches her attention to the black woman off-camera, saying: ‘That’s none of your business right now, stay out of it.’

The third woman replies: ‘I don’t need to stay out of it. You are yelling loud enough for everyone to hear, stop being ignorant.’

That remark prompts the elderly woman to fire off an incredibly offensive attack.

‘A n*****’s calling me ignorant?’

Hicks, who is clearly shocked by the comment towards the third woman, is heard saying: ‘Oh my goodness, you are very rude.’

The racist woman then waves her arm in the direction of Hicks, adding: ‘Just go away, just get your stuff and get out of here. Then go back to Mexico.’

The racist woman was seen in the video abusing Hicks (left). She also waved her arm at her (right) – seemingly in an attempt to shoo her away

The woman continued in her rant for about three minutes. She repeatedly told Hicks to leave the country and ‘go back where she came from’

‘No, I will not get out of here, no,’ Hicks replies. ‘No I’m not, because this is my country, yes it is.’

The elderly woman again cuts her off, saying: ‘It’s not your country, oh no, we don’t want you here.’

At that point, a store manager can be heard off camera saying: ‘That’s not true, we want you here.’

The manager then begins speaking to the white woman, telling her: ‘This is inappropriate.’

Thinking she had a defender, the woman pointed at Hicks and said for the manager to ‘tell her’.

‘No ma’am, it’s inappropriate speak for the store,’ he replied.

Confused, the racist woman is then heard saying: ‘I’m not here for the store, I’m spending money in the store.’

When a manger arrived the woman tried to point the finger at Hicks (left). However, the employee, asked the woman to leave the store instead

Hicks, who sounds in the video as though she is holding back tears, then said, ‘so am I’, before the white woman turned to her again and tried to wave her away while rudely saying: ‘please go, go.’

Mocking Hicks for being emotional about the situation, the woman then said, ‘wah, wah, wah,’ and pretending to cry.

The black woman who was abused earlier in the clip is then heard asking the manager, identified only as Wes, if the woman ‘still had a right to be in the store’.

Wes said no, and then asked the racist woman to leave the store.

‘It’s not my fault? you going to make her leave too?’ she asked.

‘Well, you’re the one causing a scene in the store? I heard you, I heard you from the office,’ Wes said.

‘I’m just trying to resolve a conflict here.’

The racist woman then shot back: ‘No you’re not, the conflict is her.’

But a few seconds later, the woman surrenders and stormed out of the store.

Writing about the incident on Facebook, Hicks said: ‘I love this country and I will stay in this country.’

She was also flooded with positive comments from friends and others who saw the video, which has been shared almost 40,000 times.