Real Tantric Massage in London

Room for Tantric Massage in London

The room is dim with soft lighting and it creates a gentle mood. The client lays on a nicely padded massage table awaiting the session. There are draped fluffy towels for comfort and privacy.
This type of tantric massage in London is done by two highly skilled therapists. They use combined touches and strokes to give a deep erotic tapestry of touch, the pliable skin under their fingertips moves with each motion. They use all four hands at one time relaxing the client with buttery soft movements.

The movements are controlled and synchronized in a combined way to introduce the client to worlds of wonder. They will drift away in a cloud of rapture. Massages can be a beautiful experience. They are personal but not intimate maintaining a sense of privacy as needed.
Soft music envelopes the room and adds to the ambiance. Massages using two attractive therapists can entice the client to realms of enjoyment that were not thought possible. Their muscles are tense at first, but as comforting hands stroke and knead they become supple and relaxed. Having four hands massaging you will at first make you self conscience of where all of those hands are going. But after the initial beginning you relax and slip into a comfortable world of touch. You feel your muscles give under the constant movement and massaging of four hands at once.
As the massage progresses you drift sublimely down soothing caresses and achingly powerful touches. Deeply felt four hands tantric massage transports you away from a stressful day and delivers you replete in relaxation within minutes. Sometimes the massage seems to firm, almost eliciting a spoken word. But then as your muscles loosen it feels like you are drifting on a cloud.
Four hands tantric massage is special above all other types of massage. You will feel rejuvenated and lifted up to a higher plane. Tantric massage London is a combination of movement and setting. Setting is very important to create the mood for a great massage. The whole point is total relaxation and a renewal of energy for the client.

When you get a four hands massage you will feel several hands touching you. They may start with your shoulders easing the tenseness and bunched muscles. Stroking them into softness, letting energy flow freely through your body.

You will feel a sense of blissful renewal that makes you smile. Massage has been around for hundreds of years. A tantric massage can improve your mood and reduce tension and stress. It improves blood flow in people with these issues such as those with diabetic problems.

Massage can improve the lymphatic system and reduces swelling of feet and ankles. In a four hands massage it can combine long smooth strokes with deeper ones. Both of a clients sides can be massaged at the same time thereby producing a more complete massage. Imagine if you will a darkened room, the scent of lavender wafting in the air and two skilled therapists massaging at the same time. It would be so sensual and so appreciated. .

Real Tantric Massage London

As you lay there being massaged your mind drifts to emerald sculptured leaves etched deep and forever changing. A lake true crystal cascading shards of light into quiet thoughtful bliss. And a solitary birds trilling cry perched high among the boughs. And afternoon has fallen. An afternoon drenched in amber light, the light of autumns arrival. Golden russet leaves crisp, telling of beauty untarnished. Arrogant golden rod swaying with the cooler breeze, their flaxen heads arched high.

The still hush of another day, another century, another eternity. This is truly relaxing as my mind drifts to the bittersweet happiness as you watch a pungent stack of shell shaped leaves lit into a fire. And the golden circle of friends you keep around you for the closer moments colder weather brings. And the love that is shared like spun gold between two lovers and like autumn itself, flames bright.
Your massage is over and you sit up. All your muscles feel like butter and you dress with a delicious sense of completeness. You walk with a more steady step to the front desk and its like you are walking on a cloud. Its back to your regular life you will go but you will return again. Getting a four handed massage is a life altering event for some. Lots of people do not get touched even in a normal way very often.

People sit next to each other but most people keep a distance. A massage helps to reconnect you to the world. Its similar to a newborn being stroked by its mother. It soothes something deep inside of us that rarely surfaces. Touch is very important to the development of a persons personality. As you continue to give and get massages there will be a nice change in you. There will be more smiles and a more open demeanor.

You may have a skip in your step and notice things you may have missed. Life is short as a rule. To add comfort by getting a massage is something good to do for yourself. It provides you with a way to feel better. Better than any therapy tantric massage can help you to heal from trauma. It can lift you out of depression and bring happiness to your heart.

Happy Ending Massage Therapy

Just thinking at the happy ending massage your mind is far away in the pleasure field. All men consider this attractive nevertheless and it is hard to make a difference among the types of happy ending massage. Until the experience is not yet accomplished men think only at the excitement and delight to meet the ladies that are willing to do their best for them. Probably for the beginning they’ll let away any preferences as then to meet the profound meaning of this, like the tantric happy ending massage therapy in London.


It is a well known fact that the happy ending massage is like a adult therapy for body, mind and soul as for the next experience in intimacy to be with no pressure or judgments. But when it comes about the erotic happy ending massage this kind of therapy is a complex one and it’s not based only on the action in the real meaning of the word it’s not the road itself but the experience till you reach that point that counts most.

Through a happy ending massage you learn about you and in equal measure about the partner, more or even different than you used to. When you’ll get to meet this category of 4 hands massage you’ll agree that everything that you used to know about this is superficial now. The essence of life and moreover of the intimate life it’s a new way to know, to discover.

But in the list of happy ending massage types you have more than the classic one or the lesbian massage one. According to your personality comes the choice and desires. Choose for a massages when multiple feminine presences surround you when you are confident in you and you want to be dominated. With accent on the fantasy what you had in mind as a dream can be a reality and your masculinity is delighted.

Erotic Sex Massage London

London Erotic Massage i a sexy massage parlour located in London central location and a place were all your fantasies can come to live making you desire more and more the art of erotic massage, a place were you can enjoy the fingers that will move gently on top to bottom and help you forget about the reason that cause stress in your live.

Erotic Sex Massage London Tecnique

That affects your health only whit our masseuses will start whit smalls pinch on the back side a place that attract a lot of tension and require a
relaxing massage and only our personal can take you away all of your problem using a perfect sex massage technique regarding and making sure that your stress that is inside you cause by the problem at work and daily.

Erotic Sex Massage London
Erotic Sex Massage London

Life will go away and making sure that will help you carry on whit the energy that will release once you give your body in the hands of a masseuse for a sex massage care want to take care of you and making sure that you will come again and again here in the only place that your body will enjoy a erotic sex message that you never experience and will help you having part of one of the most intense pleasure that you ever see and see our personal sexy massages give you a erotic massage all over your body in the part’s that you need, starting whit the shoulder that will be touch easy and gently and then a stronger and stronger sexy massage.

When we finish, gently will massages, this is an area that attract a lot tension and require a erotic massage.
Our personal masseuses is one of the best in this field that have the necessary experience to make sure every part of  your body is being sex massage.

The Masseuses that can help you finding again the energy lost in your body whit our sex massage that can make you a new person ready for the daily problem and making sure you will never forget our sexy massage place, here you can be our special guest and be treated like one, you will see our decor and feel the atmosphere, you can also enjoy the candles and incense, the soft light and soft music exactly the one you need to relaxing and make sure your body will falls into our professional hands that will give you the a sexy massage.

The clients who visit erotic massage London place will benefit a sex massage will be treat whit respect and in the same way will be surprise to discover just how beneficial an erotic sex massage can be.
Since all our masseuses are fully qualify, you will see how the sex massages are very relaxing and in the same way can be a great prelude.

Massage sex involves massages the whole body whit a special focus on the head and face because this area involves touching sensual massage and relaxing, massages the scalp, forehead, temples and cheeks that will release the energy that’s in your body and that energy that you are looking for so much long time like.

The one you felt like when you were a teenager and this way whit the help
of our face massages all your face muscles will release by that stress that’s in your body making you look a lot better, once our masseuses will easy touch the scalp area and feel fully satisfying your desire to a full body to body sex massages focusing in release all that energy that’s in your body.

Tantric Sex Massage London

Tantric Massage London is available for al and is helping you to find the off switch for your ever buzzing mind, helping you to re-gain a longer
lasting relaxation, learning to receive tantric massage a ultimate pleasure, without having to give anything back, which can be a healing experience.

Tantric Sex Massage London
Tantric Sex Massage London

Our tantric massage sessions using slow, soothing, sensual massage strokes, massaging every inch of the entire body, holistic in the truest
sense, the sessions also include body to body massage techniques, then focus on balancing energy in the whole body, especially heart and base chakra, building you up for an intense, powerful and entirely different all over body experience, worshiping and honoring you completely.
We’ve been offering massage in London for many years.

Although extremely massage sex is very popular, they are still very often misunderstood.
Believed by many to be completely sexy massage and a type of foreplay, while there’s no doubt they can form part of your sex life at home, there are a number of great benefits to actually having a tantric massage London carried out by a trained professional on a regular basis.
Masseuses don’t look to approach certain muscles in certain ways instead they look to help get you in a state of mind that is completely and utterly relaxed.

They understand your needs and respond to what it is that you enjoy as part of the sexy massage, continually stimulating your entire body and aiming to make you feel at one with yourself.

By receiving a massage regularly from an experienced masseuse, you’re very likely to see a number of benefits that you may not even realize could be possible, with these five being the most notable. But when you realize a lot of problems are just as much psychological as they are physical, you shouldn’t be surprised if you naturally feel healthier when receiving regular tantric massages.

Tantric Massage Chelsea

Tantric massage Chelsea adventure is because this tape of tantric massage in Chelsea is a sensual care loves to satisfy our clients, even the most daring, we have designed these special tantra massage where pleasure will remain from the beginning of the session to the end, with double genital stimulation. Do you dare?
It is the fullest massage with major erotic intensity on our list, because it is completely interactive with our therapists enjoying two genital stimulation: the first one at the beginning of the session, the second one at the end, this way reaching absolute ecstasy. You can also taste various massage techniques: tantric, thai, body-to-body. connection with the therapist is total and eroticism is sublime. It is definitely a unique experience.
You will enjoy a waterfall of pleasure at your own pace, you will lose sight of the world for a while and can change your perspective of welfare. After our ritual of tantric massage Chelsea provided by the best therapists in south London SW3, you will never try something similar.

For more than a massage, you can always choose to visit a London escort for a pleasant evening and high quality sex. If you decide to do so, you can choose your girl from our site , from our online gallery, and in no time she will be straight at your door or in your hotel room if you prefer outcall services!

Tantric massage, the art of conscious touching

Many cultures recognize the potential of what sometimes is called laying on of hands. In Tantra, touching is one of the main sources to awaken and redirect energy, and is used in all its varieties on high level of consciousness containing several aspects, one of them is sensitivity after touching another person.

Benefits of Tantric massage in Chelsea
Tantric Massage Chelsea

Tantra considers that hands do not end at the tip of the fingers, and its influence does not end at the surface of skin. Our bodies contain a lot of energy, understood as the sense of vital strength that emanates while the body has life expressing in an energy field and penetrates the body. Masseuse from Tantric massage Chelsea know that energy flow can be stimulated and redirected consciously. When you touch other people, you deeply connect with their energy level.

Ways of touching in Tantric Pleasure

Tantric massage Chelsea discipline recognizes many ways of touching. Tantric massage Chelsea touch is made by current energy. One of those ways would be static touch where both hands are placed on the other person without moving. While the hands stay still, energy on the right hand is consciously directed towards and through the other person, then consciously accepted with the left hand. It could be considered as a game of throwing and catching energy.

Another way would be moving touch, which is the most worked in Chelsea through our Tantra massages. Moving touch travels with short or long frictions through the skin or in specific patterns circles, spirals, triangles, crosses including a kneading touch in certain body parts.

Touching can be also named kissing with hands and similar techniques are applied in both cases. The person needs to be touched all over the body focusing on the front and back part of the seven Chakra centers. Seven levels of speed and pressure are used, from the slowest and lightest to the fastest and strongest. Frictions and the different ways of touching alternate.

The Chelsea masseuse specializes in the science of tantric massage Chelsea, for them we have a large number of massages where pressures, stimulation and sensations vary so that all our customers are satisfied with the experience they need every moment.

Erotic Massage Chelsea and its benefits

Erotic massage Chelsea and its benefits

Sexuality, as is, is much more than having a good time or reproducing, it is also a way of self awareness, personal growth and expansion of the conscience. That is what tantra physiology is all about, and this philosophy is what reigns in our erotic massage in Chelsea.

To have a better understanding, first we should learn about Tantra, a millennial discipline, which means expansion through the conscious. It is a spiritual technique that involves very specific pr-axis, such as, the use of breath, sounds, movements and symbols to help silence the mind and activate sexual massage energy in Chelsea.

Practicing tantra comes from ancient traditions, very common in India, Nepal, and China. At first this practice was limited to royalty but little by little it expanded to all. The goal, in tantra, is the integration of the person in a pure conscience state. The vehicle used to travel this path is pure energy.

Benefits to practicing tantra through erotic massage in Chelsea

expands your capacity to love
helps to recuperate your health
is a fountain of youth
builds self-esteem in both men and women
helps to achieve real satisfaction during sex
salivates anxiety and depression
heightens sex
prolongs sex
enriches sex with your partner
heals open wounds from the past

Erotic Massage Chelsea, a great recipe for happiness

A series of positive factors are achieved for the organism through erotic massage, in addition to sexual excitation and pleasure. On the first hand, levels of stress can be reduced, applying different techniques, diminishing tensions, inducing relaxation and alleviating anxiety. These pleasurable sensations that are achieved enhance serotonin levels in the organism, soothing common day symptoms such as anxiety and depression. This is to say, that it helps us to relax and fell better.

Benefits or Erotic Massage Chelsea
Erotic Massage Chelsea

On the other hand, thanks to erotic massages, we can reduce blood pressure, improving circulation throughout the entire body, including the genital area. Solving many problems of this nature, that so many people suffer now a days.
In Erotic Massage Chelsea, we believe in the great power generated in the sexuality of men and women thanks to our erotic massages. In fact, Tantric massage is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed, you will be healthier.

Generally, the goal of a massage is to eliminate muscle tension, to readjust an unbalanced body due to physical, psychological or social effort. But an erotic massage tries to unblock certain energetic points to emerge the desire of going further seeking for pleasure.

In the erotic massages we practice at Chelsea, working the body holistically on nerve endings of the skin because human body offers an amazing amount of sensitive and erogenous spots, which worked properly, can result in a unique and unforgettable erotic massage in Chelsea.

Take the chance and break the routine by enjoying any of our exciting massages. Live this experience!


Sensual Massage Story – Sensual Escort Girl

Sensual Massage Story in London

I have tried to book to see a Escort several times recently and one for reason or another it hasn’t worked out – mainly because I have been slow off the mark and she is very popular and gets booked up quick.
Escort was offering full sensual massage service bookings again so I ceased the opportunity quick. She opened the door dressed exactly as requested in a tight fitting PVC outfit, fishnets and her sexy knee high boots that I have a fetish for. She looked amazing and it was great to squeeze her amazing arse in the PVC.

 Sensual Massage Story in central London
Sensual Massage Story in London


The masseuse was keen to get going because she said she was really horny and hadn’t a cock for a while. Well I wasn’t going to stand in the way and it was time for escort trick to put the condom on and she started giving her amazing deep throat. Escort knows how to suck cock and sucks in deep.

Sex and Sensual Massage Story

We then moved to the sofa where I could finally fuck masseuse tight pussy that I have been dying to fuck for months! We fucked doggy with her facing into the mirror and I had a great view of her tits and could see her face as she came. As we were fucking she started fingering her arse. We then moved to the desk where I held her boot clad legs and we fucked and she fingered her clit till she came. We then moved to the bed for missionary before she couldn’t wait to get on top to ride me. You can’t beat the view and feel of escort riding your cock. Her pert nipples hanging out of her tight PVC top.

I then finished my cumming all over her lovely tits.

This was one of the best sensual massage meetings I have ever had and escort is the best on this sensual massage agency in London. I know she is more expensive than others but in life you pay for what you get. The masseuse was great seeing you again and can’t wait to see her again for other sensual massage London session.

Best Erotic Story in London Happiness

Best Erotic Story Happiness in Central London

Best Erotic Story in central London
Best Erotic Story in London

Where do I start. The girl began with a lovely erotic massage London. She then proceeded to take her bra off showing me her breasts for the first time. Her nipples are gorgeous and being able to take them in my mouth, flicking them with my tongue, seeing how hard and erect they became was a turn on in itself.

She then proceeded to slip her hand into my pants and grasped my cock. Pants removed she then used her tongue delicately teasing my balls. A condom was put into her mouth which she then put over my cock taking it all down her throat as she rolled the condom on. A sweet deep throat blow job followed with her taking it all with no gagging.

She then rubbed the tip of my hard cock over her erect nipples before climbing on to top of my and sliding me in for the first time, thought I’d died and gone to heaven – would have loved to have tasted her sweet pussy juice as I bet it tastes heavenly. The sight of her riding my cock in cowgirl with her breasts in front of my face and then licking and kissing her nipples as she moved up and down almost had me coming on it’s own. She then moved to squat over me and seeing my cock moving in and out of her sweet hot pussy and I couldn’t contain myself any further. I exploded deep inside her moist dripping pussy to the sound of her sweet posh voice telling me how much she wanted it.

After a little break we then progressed to round 2 which included a sensual massage and more of the same. The escort voice telling me what she was going to do to me soon had me hard gain. This also included her wanking my cock with her long fingers as she teased and played with my balls with her tongue. This was followed by more incredible deep thronging and her on top riding my cock. Next time I want those long legs wrapped round my waist as I fuck her in missionary or perhaps up over my shoulders so I can enter her even deeper.

We finished off with her giving me a show which involved her playing with herself first by teasing her clit and then easing her fingers into her pussy. She was breathlessly telling me how wet she was as more and more of her fingers were pushed deeper inside. Her fingers went faster and faster until she shuddered to climax.

I took full advantage of the shower facilities on offer before heading back out into the afternoon with a huge smile on my face and a warm feeling in groin area

At no time did I feel rushed and girl is certainly not a clock watcher. This is my best erotic massage story and best experience that will stay in my memory for some time and one I’m keen to repeat when the opportunity arises.

Erotic Massage South Kensington

Erotic Massage South Kensington

Read same of our erotic massage technique in our massage location in South Kensington. A blow job and erotic massage service soon follows, then you cock goes into her tight pussy. She’ll suck and fuck you, bringing you to a erotic massage by happy ending. Ever wondered what it would be like to watch a erotic massage south Kensington? At happy tugs you can do just that.
Sit back and watch these hot sensual girls give to best erotic massage in South Kensington you’ll ever witness! erotic sexual massages are just a click away!
So this is what a body to body erotic massage looks like.  A count me in!! What guy would not pay more for this hot sensual girl to get naked, put oil on her body and rub herself all over you?

Erotic Massage South Kensington by Ada
Erotic Massage South Kensington

The extra money, money well spent if you ask me.  A masseuse does not get any hotter than this girl. Just look at her perfect body, a body built for sex. I would love to go to this erotic massage South kensington location and meet up with this sensual goddess. Her hot firm body rubbing all over mine, getting me all hot and bothered, then slipping me into her wet pussy! Imagine this hot chick sucking and fucking you.

Erotic Massage by Happy Ending 

Giving you an erotic massage and finishing you off with the best happy ending erotic massage you’ll ever get.  All for a couple extra bucks. I’m in!! So your laying on a massage table and a cute girl is giving you a rub down. You feel your cock getting hard. First, you hope she does not notice your dick standing at attention. Second, you hope she does notice and takes care of your hard on. By reaching under the towel and jerking you off.

Find our massage location in South Kensington and book today one of the best masseuses from central London SW7 area .

Tantric Massage South Kensington

Tantric Massage South Kensington Technique

When I see this tantric massage technique picture I wonder why any guy would go to a strip club. Drop a few bucks or make it rain but the best your going to get is a dry humping. You can take the same amount of money, go to a tantric massage parlor and get your rocks off! Hell, you can not even touch those exotic dancers.

Tantric Massage South Kensington by Rebeka
Tantric Massage South Kensington

As you can see from the picture the best tantric massage south kensington location comes with a whole lot of touching and no dry humping! It is all about your hot South Kensington tantric masseuse getting you to cum using her mouth, hands and pussy! Forget about the fucking strip club and get the tantric massage. See what you get for the money.

Tantric Sex Massage in South Kensington

Now this is the type of pole dancing I like. A nice tight pussy riding a stiff cock. Promise her a little extra for the body to body tantric massage south kensington place and she will give you a tantric massage you will not soon forget. Just lay down on the table and let her do her thing.
Her hot body and going to make you wild with desire. She will tease you with her mouth and pussy bringing you right to the point of orgasm.
Then with a little more hot oil, she will finish you off her a few hard and fast jerks of her hands. Your going to just lay there and realize you have just gotten the best tantric massage South Kensington you have ever had!!
A two handed rub and tug massage has got to feel great! Enter this swanky tantric massage London parlor and a promise your hot masseuse a big tip and she will get nude and give you an tantric sex massage!
Think about her putting oil all over her body and rubbing it all over you. How incredible would that feel? That is only part of the tantric massage South Kensington.